CONVERGENCE an exhibition showcasing a varied and diverse range of artworks by artists residing in the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Michael Ashby, Robyn Barrow, Marc Bongers, Nicky Bridges, Frank Burgers, Janet Campbell, Carmel Corrigan, Rachael Croucher, Linda D’Agostino, Helen Hill, Ronan Holdsworth, Benjamin Jenkins, Nola Jones, Anita Laurence, Janet Leith, Sian Lim, Keyna Masin, Sarah Milford, Beth Miller, Anthea Mitchell, Joelene Mitchell, Maegan Oberhardt, Kay O’Kane, Jen Pollard, Joanne Radnor, Fleur Rendell, Catherine Sonnemann, Chris Sullivan, Linda Syers, Tyome Thompson, Kelly Timms, Kathy Whelan, Bill Young

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